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Product Overview

Optical Phoropter is commonly used in ophthalmology. It is mainly used for refraction. As a basic tool of ophthalmology and visual inspection workers, it plays an irreplaceable role.

This device is applicable to ophthalmology department of hospital and spectacle stores for precision measurement of visual functions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eyesight balance, heterophoria, stereoscopic vision and eyesight amalgamation.

Product Advantages


  • ML-400

    Popular model in hot sale, recommend

    Black & White for options

  • ML-500

    New design appearance

    Black & White for options

  • ML-600

    With night vision function

    Black only


  • Elegant design of butterfly-shape appearance
  • Capable of checking up all-sided visual functions, precise and comfortable in measurement
  • Exquisite manufacturing technique, with comfortable feel


Spherical Power

Range: +16.75D ~ -19.00D
When applied with auxiliary lenses +10.00D, -1O.OOD(option): +26.75D ~ 29.00D
Step: 0.25D
When applied with auxiliary lens +0.12D: Step: 0.12D

Cylindrical Power

Range: 0.00D~ -6.00D
When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens -2.00D: 0.00D~ -8.00D Step: 0.25D
When applied with auxiliary cylinder lens +0.12D:
Step: 0.12D

Cylinder Axis

Range: 0°~180
Step: 5°

Cross Cylinder

±0.250 Cross Cylinder Lens Synchronized with Cylinder Axis.
(±0.370, ±0.500, Cross Cylinder Lens (option))

Rotary Prism

0 to 20 prism diopter with a minimum of 1Δ steps

P.D Adjustment

48~ 75mm

Forehead-rest Adjustment


Vertex Distance

12mm (From corneal point to standard lens surface)


338(L) x 99(W) x 292(H) mm


5 kg


Auxiliary lens
A kit for near point vision chart
Sanitary face shield


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