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Product Overview

The Handheld Slit Lamp Microscope ML5S1 is portable to carry with accurate diagnostic. Whether you're in the office or out on call, ML5S1 offers portability without sacrificing the quality of your exam. A high luminance white LED provides clarity as well as brightness control that can be easily adjusted. The ML5S1 also features four built-in Illumination Pathway Filters.

In addition to the 10x eyepiece that comes standard, practitioners can select a 16x eyepiece for added versatility. If you're looking for flexibility and need to sometimes offer care outside the office or to special patient populations, the ML5S1 is a top performing choice. With a 5 hour life on it's rechargeable battery, you can deliver care any time, anywhere.

Product Advantages

Complete configuration, easy to carry

♦ Routine inspection of anterior segment can be completed on site

♦ Configurable as portable digital Slit Lamp

♦ High brightness LED lighting source, low power consumption, less heat, long service life
♦ Compared with benchtop slit-lamp equipment, it is light in weight, easy to carry and easy to operate

Standard Accessories

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